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Television schedule


Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Nov 28, 2015 Men's Downhill Lake Louise 4:00pm ET 
Nov 28, 2015Ladies' Giant SlalomAspen10:00pm ET 
Nov 29, 2015 Men's Super G Lake Louise 3:00pm ET   
Nov 29, 2015Ladies' SlalomAspen8:00pm ET 
Dec 5, 2015 Ladies' Downhill #1Lake Louise 3:00pm ET   
Dec 5, 2015 Ladies' Downhill #2Lake Louise 5:00pm ET  
Dec 5, 2015Men's Super GVail / Beaver Creek7:00pm ET 
Dec 6, 2015 Ladies' Super G Lake Louise 3:00pm ET  
Dec 6, 2015Men's Giant SlalomVail / Beaver Creek8:00pm ET 
Dec 12, 2015 Men's Giant SlalomVal d'Isere3:00pm ET  
Dec 12, 2015Ladies' Giant SlalomAre8:00pm ET 
Dec 13, 2015Men's SlalomVal d'Isere8:00pm ET 
Dec 19, 2015 Men's DownhillVal Gardena2:00pm ET   
Dec 19, 2015Ladies' DownhillVal d'Isere8:00pm ET 
Dec 20, 2015Men's Giant SlalomAlta Badia8:00pm ET 
Jan 9, 2016 Men's Giant SlalomAdelboden 2:30pm ET   
Jan 15, 2016Men's Alpine CombinedWengen4:15am ET / 7:45am ET 
Jan 16, 2016Men's DownhillWengen6:15am ET  
Jan 16, 2016Men's DownhillWengen5pm ET  
Jan 17, 2016Men's SlalomWengen8:00pm ET 
Jan 22, 2016Men's Alpine CombinedKitzbuehel5:30am ET / 10:30am ET  
Jan 23, 2016 Ladies' Downhill Cortina4:00pm ET  
Jan 23, 2016Men's DownhillKitzbuehel5:30am ET  
Jan 24, 2016Men's SlalomKitzbuehel4:15am / 7:15am ET  
Jan 30, 2016 Men's Downhill Garmisch Partenkirchen  5:15am / 4pm ET 
Jan 30, 2016Ladies' Giant SlalomMaribor8:00pm ET 
Jan 31, 2016Men's Giant SlalomGarmisch Partenkirchen8:00pm ET 
Feb 6, 2016Men's DownhillJeongseon8:00pm ET 
Feb 7, 2016Men's Super GJeongseon8:00pm ET 
Feb 13, 2016Ladies' DownhillCrans Montana9:00pm ET 
Feb 14, 2016Men's SlalomYuzawa Naeba10:00pm ET 
Feb 19, 2016Men's Alpine CombinedChamonix4:30am / 8am ET 
Feb 20, 2015Men's DownhillChamonix6:15am ET  
Feb 20, 2016 Men's Downhill Chamonix 2pm ET  
Feb 20, 2016Ladies' DownhillLa Thuile8:00pm ET 
Feb 21, 2016Ladies' Super GLa Thuile8:00pm ET 
Feb 23, 2016City EventStockholm11am ET 
Feb 27, 2016Ladies' Super GSoldeu8:00pm ET 
Feb 28, 2016Ladies' Alpine CombinedSoldeu8:00pm ET 
Mar 5, 2016 Men's Giant SlalomKranjska Gora3:15am ET / 6:15am ET    
Mar 5, 2016Men's Giant SlaomKranjska Gora3pm ET 
Mar 5, 2016Ladies' Giant SlalomJasna8:00pm ET 
Mar 6, 2016Ladies' SlalomJansa4:15am ET / 7:15am ET 
Mar 6, 2016Men's SlalomKranjska Gora8:00pm ET 
Mar 12, 2016 Men's Downhill Kvitfjell5:00am ET       
Mar 12, 2016Men's DownhillKvitfjell4:00pm ET 
Mar 12, 2016Ladies' Super GLenzerheide8:00pm ET 
Mar 13, 2016Men's Super GKvitfjell8:00pm ET 
Mar 16, 2016Men's DownhillSt. Moritz4:45am ET 
Mar 16, 2016Ladies' DownhillSt. Moritz6:15am ET 
Mar 17, 2016Ladies' Super GSt. Moritz4:45am ET 
Mar 17, 2016Men's Super GSt. Moritz6:15am ET 
Mar 19, 2016Men's Giant SlalomSt. Moritz8:00pm ET 
Mar 20, 2016Men's SlalomSt. Moritz3:15am / 5:50am ET 
Mar 20, 2016Ladies' Giant SlalomSt. Moritz4:20am / 6:50am ET 
Mar 20, 2016 Ladies' Giant Slalom St. Moritz 1:00pm ET  
Mar 20, 2016 Men's SlalomSt. Moritz 2:00pm ET  



Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Dec 12, 2015 Ski Cross Val Thorens 9:00pm ET 
Dec 19, 2015Ski CrossInnichen9:00pm ET 
Dec 20, 2015Ski CrossInnichen9:00pm ET 
Jan 16, 2016Ski CrossWatles9:00pm ET 
Jan 23, 2016Ski CrossNakiska12:45pm ET  
Jan 23, 2016Ski CrossNakiska1:00pm ET 
Jan 30, 2016Winter X GamesAspen4:00pm ET