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Alpine Canada Masters’ program

Who:Female and male ski racers aged 18 (as of December 31, 2014) to 85 and over.

What: The Alpine Canada Masters’ programme is a recreational programme that allows adult skiers to develop their technical skills and maintain a healthy lifestyle while competing with skiers from across the country and internationally.  Whether you are a former competitor or a new racer, the Masters’ programme is a fun way to enhance your skills on the slopes and be an example of the sport for life philosophy.

Get involved: Find a club near you to join a Masters programme and become an Alpine Canada member.  You can also contact your Masters’ regional representative for help.

Types of membership: Please note: provincial fees vary by province.

Masters Weekend Pass: Masters’ weekend passes are for racers (over the age of 18) competing in Masters’ events.  Weekend cards can be purchased through your Provincial Ski Association (PSO) or club and are valid for one event or one weekend series.  Weekend passes are also valid for training with an Alpine Canada sanctioned club.

Masters National card: A Masters’ national card can be purchased through your PSO or club and allows members to compete in Alpine Canada sanctioned Masters events across Canada (racers must be 18 years of age of older).  Racers with an Alpine Canada national Masters’ card may participate in the entire schedule of sanctioned Masters’ racers. They are listed on the national database newsletter archives in a fall newsletter each year. National Masters’ card holders will receive Masters world cup points and are eligible for nomination to the Canadian Masters Alpine Team.  National Masters’ cards are also valid for training with an Alpine Canada sanctioned club.

Masters FIS card: To participate in international FIS Masters’ events in Canada, the USA, and other countries, racers require a current FIS Masters competitor card.  FIS cards are acquired by Alpine Canada through your PSO or club, and are available for members over the age of 30.  Members must already hold a current National Masters card to be eligible for a Masters FIS card.

FIS Masters’ equipment rules: Please note, FIS Masters’ ski length recommendations do not apply to the Canadian Masters’ events.  FIS Masters’ equipment rules.

International racers: All non-Canadian racers who wish to enter an Alpine Canada sanctioned race must have their entries submitted by their national ski association (NSO) to Ashlie Avoledo

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