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Our athletes are as inspiring as they are dedicated. But we need your help.

Our athletes are as inspiring as they are dedicated. But they can't do it on their own. 
Please donate to help our ski teams win at the next Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games! 

Ways to give

Alpine Canada supports the development of current and future world champions, Olympians and Paralympians through the delivery of world-class programming across all three of our sport disciplines which include alpine skiing, para-alpine skiing, and ski cross.  

There are many ways you can help contribute to the success of Alpine Canada and its athletes. 

Podium Club


Give now

Donate an amount of your choosing

If you are interested in supporting our shared vision of being one of the leading ski racing nations in the world you can do so in many ways, including making a donation of any amount to Alpine Canada Alpin. In return for your donation you will receive a full charitable receipt in addition to annual updates about our teams’ progress on the world stage.   

Thank you for your support of alpine, para-alpine and ski cross in Canada.

For more information about donating, please contact Linsey Ferguson, or call our office at 403.777.3201


Donor Impact

How will your contribution make an impact?

Through our development level and elite teams, donations will be used to support  Canada’s future ski racing champions.  Your contributions will be directed to help us ensure our teams have access to: 

• Full-time world-class coaches, strength training specialists, nutritionists, and other specialized support services
• Pre-season training camps to ensure our athletes are on snow as early as possible
• Medical and para-medical support staff and services
• High-quality competitions throughout the season
• Testing of equipment and clothing designed to optimize performance 

For more information about our Podium Club program, please contact Linsey Ferguson, or call our office at 403.777.3201


A heartfelt thanks to generous donors and supporters of Alpine Canada's Podium Club program. Special thanks goes to:

Gold members

Murray Edwards
Scott Jones
The Christopher Hartt Jones Fund at the Foundation of Greater Montreal
Allan Markin 


Silver members

Don Archibald
David Beatty
Jill Irving
Bruce & Sandra Fiell
Danny Minogue
Barb Mathews
Chris Slubicki

Bronze members

Martin Abell
William Ainley
Mark Atkins
Michael Bannock
Allen Bey
Gordon Bogden
Stephane Boisvert
Brian Boulanger
Eric Boyko
Scott Bratt
Grant Brodeur
André Colenbrander
Colin Chapin
Derek Christie
Chris Clark
Ann & Bev Collombin
Michael Cooper
Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP
Eric Desrosiers
Gordon Dixon
Reid Drury
Simon Dupréré
Russell Goodman
The Gordon and Lorraine Gibson Family Foundation
Arc Financial
Martha Hall Findlay
Patrick Handreke
Blake Hutcheson
Scott Hutcheson
Michael Irwin
John Firstbrook
John Francis
Robert Franklin
Don James
Alison Keene
David Kent
Kevin Klippenstein
Steve Lister
Ian Locke
Stephen MacCulloch
Stephen MacPhail
Max Meier
Daniel More
Connor O’Brien
Stuart O'Connor
Timothy Orr
Patricia Phillips
Jacquie Prokopanko
Richard Prokopanko
Mitch Putnam
Paul Renaud
Ken Renton
Clayton Riddell
Michael Rolland
John Rooney
Robert Rooney
Jim Saunders
Mark Sherman
Francois-Charles Sirios
Monica Sloan & John Evison
Neil Smith
Rod Sousa
Perry Spitznagel
Sporting Life Inc.
Ian Stock & Joan Evans-Stock
Chris Stone
Philip Taylor
Terra Ferma Holdings
Chisholm Thompson Fund
Trinity Development Foundation
Eric Tripp
Ian Tudhope
John & Martha Turner
James Wallace
WB Family Foundation
DJ Wiley
Peter & Carol Williams
Richard Willoughby
Jim Yeates 

President's Circle

William Atkinson
David Baker
Mark Borzecki
Walter Boyce
Kelly Breadner
Grant Brodeur
Duncan Campbell
Stephen Christie
Barry Cochrane
Brian Cooper 
Angus Crawford & Laurel Scott
Roy Diklich
Gregory David Dixon
Robert Evans
Steven Fleckenstein
Jamie Goad
Michael Griffiths
Bruce Gunn
Richard Hunter 
Fred Huycke
Richard Ivey
Donald James
David Kent
Doug Kerr 
Karen Lacoursiere
Jean Francois Lajoie
Ted Larkin
Anne Marie La Traverse
Frederic Laurier
Chuck Magwood
Jeff Magwood
Robert Magwood
J. Mason
Christine McCready
Mary McPherson
Judy Neudoerffer
Jason Park
David Prokipchuk
Susan Remme
Jamie Ross
Michael Ruby
Peter Senst
Lois Smith
Larry Tatenbaum 
Stephen Tapp 
Ken & Beckie Vogel 
DJ Wiley
Arnie Zipursky